The impressive and versatile Inspire 2 along with it’s image quality, power and intelligence all molded to form this masterpiece, for professional filmmakers and businesses alike.

So what is The DJI Inspire 2?

Simply put The DJI Inspire 2 is for the professional filmmakers.

As DJI says “the Inspire 1 was a revelation.” It was the first drone used for filming and integrates an HD video transmission system,  gimbal that rotates 360 degrees and put together with a 4k Ultra HD camera system.

The app that can be used to power the Inspire 2, makes using this drone alone especially easy to operate. When DJI introduced the Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras it furthered the advancement of the Inspire 2 drastically.

The Inspire 2 – What’s Under The Hood?

The Inspire 2 on the other hand takes everything built into the Inspire 1 and improved upon it, They introduced a new image processing system that is capable of recording in 5.2k with CinamaDNG Raw footage.

The speed of the Inspire 2 is another feature that takes flying a drone to the next level. At an astounding speed of 80km/h in 5 seconds and a max speed of 94km/h. Going this fast you will never be short of speed with a descent speed of 9m/s.

The DJI Inspire is equipped with a dual battery system and gives you a flight time of 27 minutes. This is especially useful to aerial photographer and filmmakers.

Having such a long flight time ensures you will get the footage that you were there to get, no messing around. If it gets a little cool outside not to worry because the Inspire 2 comes with a self heating system which allows for flying in low temperature conditions.

The Inspire 2 – Flight Autonomy System

If that wasn’t enough the Inspire 2 comes with more unique features. Like it’s Flight Autonomy System. This system was specifically designed for the Inspire 2. This system provides for two directional obstacle avoidance. Crashes have become a thing of the past.

Even more with the Inspire 2 it’s multiple intelligent flight modes. Along with Spotlight Pro. Spotlight Pro gives pilots who fly alone the capability to create those gorgeous aerial shots.

The Inspire 2 – Advanced Image Processing

The Inspire 2 has advanced technology unheard of in most drones of today’s standards. At an astronomical rate of 5.2k at 4.2Gbps in Raw video recording.

The Inspire 2 is ways ahead of it’s time. With CineCore 2.0, and an integrated DJI CINESSD. The Inspire 2 is a marvel of technology. Aerial footage with CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes 5.2k technology make your footage crisp and clear. Having 4k video at 100Mbps live video is nothing short of spectacular.

The Inspire 1 & 2 – What’s The Difference

There are subtle differences between Inspire 1 and 2. These two drones although different have lots of the same features.

The Inspire 1 was built for Enterprise and the Inspire 2 has everything Inspire 1 has only better, a lot better.
Take for instance the max takeoff weight. Max takeoff weight for The Inspire 1 is 7.71 lbs and the max for the Inspire 2 is 8.82. This is a really big difference when your talking about drones.

The GPS Hovering Accuracy both drones have vertical and horizontal. The difference with the Inspire 1 to 2 is the Inspire 2 has a downward vision system that you can enable. Having GPS Hovering Accuracy ensures for smoother flying and smoother flying means smoother footage.

The max angular pitch for both drones is the same with Pitch @ 300 degrees and Yaw @ 150 degrees.
The flight times for these two drones are significantly different.

The max flight time of Inspire 1 is approximately 18 minutes and the max flight time of the Inspire 2 is approximately 27 minutes, with the Zenmuse X4S camera attached. This is a big difference. Having an extra 9 minutes of flight time is huge and will help when your getting the perfect footage.

The diagonal distance of both Inspires is about a 2 inch difference without propellers at 22.8 inches for The Inspire 1 and 23.8 inches for The Inspire 2. Moreover, there max speed is different as well, with The Inspire 1 at 79km/h and 94km/h for The Inspire 2. There are are couple factors with these speeds.

Both drones are in sports mode and there is no wind. Only then will max air speed be achieved with these drones.
The cameras that can be used for these drones come with some options.

For The Inspire 1 you can attach Zenmuse cameras X3 through Z3 and The Inspire 2 you can attach the Zenmuse X45 or X5S.
The 4K Ultra HD Zenmuse cameras are technologically advanced and create vivid footage perfect for movies and aerial photography.
Both Inspire 1 and 2 have Intelligent Flight Batteries. What does Intelligent Flight Batteries Mean? Simply put when these batteries are fully charged the charger turns off ensuring your batteries do not overcharge. Overcharging your batteries will wreck your batteries and they are expensive.

I have shown you the subtle differences between The Inspire 1 and The Inspire 2. All of these differences include things like take-off weight, GPS Accuracy, flight times and the size of both Inspire 1 and 2. I have touched on the camera system and Intelligent Flight Batteries.

All of the things that are in the Inspire 1 are in the Inspire 2 only better. This can help you decide which drone you want. If you need things like extra flight time or faster speeds you will want to go with the Inspire 2. I hope everything I have talked about can help you make a better decision when purchasing The DJI Inspire series.

I have added an Affiliate link to The Inspire 2 at the top of this page and here is a link to The Inspire 1.



8 Responses

  1. Ramos says:

    Wow! The DJI inspire 2 is really the game changer if all of these features that have been listed are present. I’m a photography enthusiast and I have been saving up before to get the DJI drone but I guess I have to add up my savings so I can up my game to get this amazing DJI inspire2. The battery span alone is a reason for me to get that as it increases flying time and that’s not very present with all others. Also, the speed is excellent too. I will definitely look forward to getting this drone. Thanks

  2. Henderson says:

    Its not a surprise to see a drone come up with a second edition and put in so much effort to upgrade its features. The inspire two is very awesome. I have a friend who used the inspire 1 and he just loved the 4D quality of the picture and camera. This one goes a step further and I dont think my friend knows about it. He has to see this!

  3. Happier At Home says:

    Hey, Trevor!  Great review!  While reading from the beginning, I had formulated some questions in my mind that I would have wanted answers to by the end of your review – and they were all answered!  I was looking for the main differences in battery life and flight time.  You have answered those and more.  Well done!

  4. Chuck says:

    Thats great. They really increase the max flight time. I would go for the inspire 2 due to all the enhancements, along with the Zenmuse X5S. May as well get the best of everything. My dad was mentioning something about how they are putting older drone models out of stock and making new ones, due to FAA regulations. Something about sensors for helicopters and planes, for safety? Is that true? Just wondering. Thanks! Drones are so cool. 

    • Trevor M says:

      Yes, that is true. Take for instance the Phantom 4. They are going to be cancelling that model to bring out the newer and better.

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