Filmmakers seek to find the best ways to create unforgettable footage. Sometimes the only way to get the right shot is from above.

How can someone get steady, reliable, and impressive footage from above?

What’s the first thing you think of?

I have put forth two of the best drones that I believe do an amazing job. These two are in a class of their own. The Inspire 2 for the Prosumer and The Mavic Pro for the Consumer.

The Inspire 2 is obviously for professionals and The Mavic Pro is for the hobbyist, but can they still create beautiful footage? I believe so.

So does one outperform the other and how about flight times?

We will find out what features each drone has and see why they have such a huge price difference.

So here’s what you need to know!

The Inspire 2 – Cost $2,999.00 – What’s Under The Hood?

So what is The DJI Inspire 2 exactly?

The Inspire 2 takes everything built into the Inspire 1 and improved upon it.

They introduced a new image processing system that is capable of recording in 5.2k with CinamaDNG Raw footage.

Flight speed of the Inspire 2 is another feature that takes flying a drone to the next level.

At an astounding  80km/h in 5 seconds and a max speed of 94km/h. Going this fast with a drone sounds impossible and it has a descent speed of 9m/s.

The DJI Inspire is equipped with a dual battery system and gives you a flight time of 27 minutes. This is especially useful to aerial photographers and filmmakers alike.

Having such a long flight time ensures you will get the footage that you were there to get, no messing around. If it gets a little cool outside not to worry because the Inspire 2 comes with a self heating system which allows for flying in low temperatures.

If that wasn’t enough the Inspire 2 comes with more unique features, like it’s Flight Autonomy System. This system was specifically designed for the Inspire 2.

The Flight Autonomy System provides for two directional obstacle avoidance. So crashes have become a thing of the past.

Even more, with the Inspire 2 and it’s multiple intelligent flight modes.

Spotlight Pro is a very impressive. Spotlight Pro gives pilots who fly alone the capability to create those gorgeous aerial shots, the drone will control itself while you get the shot that you came for. Pretty Cool!

The Inspire 2 has advanced technology unheard-of in most drones of today’s standards. At an astronomical rate of 5.2k at 4.2Gbps in Raw video recording.

With CineCore 2.0, and an integrated DJI CINESSD. The Inspire 2 is a marvel of technology. Aerial shots with CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes 5.2k technology make your footage crisp and clear. Having 4k video at 100Mbps live video is nothing short of spectacular.

This is some of the impressive stuff the Inspire 2 can do. If you want a more complete rundown of what the Inspire can do you can follow this link and it will take you directly to The Inspire 2 page on DJI.

The Mavic Pro – What’s Under The Hood? Cost $799.00

But what is The Mavic Pro Drone exactly and why is it only $799?

Well it’s simple you see, the $799 price tag is for refurbished models from DJI. Now you migh be thinking refurbished, is it still the same though? Yes, even though it is a refurbished model it’s like brand new.

With a 720p at 30/fps, resolution of the Mavics video transmission is phenomenal. The DJI Go 4 apps is a nice little improvement which chooses a frequency band automatically, but also allows the user to switch between 2.4 GHz to 5.8GHz frequencies.

You might be wondering how fast this thing is, and there is 3 – speed modes you can operate in. The first is sports mode, and coming in at a whopping 64.8/km/h.

The second mode is called P-Mode and the speed for this is around 28 km/h. That leaves the last mode and this is WiFi mode with speeds the same as P-Mode.

The Mavic Pro can also fly up to a distance of around 10 Km with no wind. There is three ways you can control the Mavic. You could just use the remote control included, use your smartphone with the DJI Go app, or smartphone connected to remote control with the Go app. In my opinion this is one of the best drones with a camera.

If you like The Mavic Pro you can follow the link and it will take you to DJI where you can get the cheaper refurbished model for $799.

The Mavic Pro – Film & Photography

So what is the Mavic Pro Drone?

The Mavic’s camera shoots amazing 4k at 3fps, and records at 100Mbs. Such a high quality camera help capture those spectacular moments.

The intuitive camera takes three pictures in vertical view to stitch a panorama worth talking about. When shooting horizontal the camera will take 9 photos and stitch them together to make some magnificent panorama shots.

If you want a 180 degree panoramic shot the drone will rotate take 21 images and stitch. With technology like this its hard to go back to the beginner models.

Which Drone Will You Choose?

When I choose a drone I like to take in all factors and price is a big factor. My personal preference will always be The Mavic Pro and getting an amazing deal like $799 you can’t find that anywhere.

I hope this article helps you when deciding which drone you are going to choose.

Wanting the best aerial film or photography can cost a bit. If you want the best, you will pay the price.

Aerial film and photography is getting super popular and people are trying new things. What better and newer way than to try using a drone.

The Inspire 2 has a cost of $2,999.00 and I have located The Mavic Pro for $799.00. These prices are very different and these two drones are very powerful.

The Mavic Pro that I found for $799 is a refurbished unit directly from DJI. This is about half price buying brand new. You are getting an amazing deal buying refurbished.

I have added the affiliate links into this page for these amazing prices. If you have any stories of questions please leave them below and I will try to answer all of them.


14 Responses

  1. Willy says:

    Amazing…making a decision on either to get the mavic pro or the inspire 2 has been a really though experience.. As also described by this well structured review,they are both powerful and standard drones that won’t just give better result but in a standard platform. Before planing to get a drone, the price has been considered by me and this is what is giving me joy. After reading this post and finding out that I can actually get the refurbished unit of the mavic pro for as less as 799$ I feel so happy,despite its magnificent features… Thanks for this great review.

  2. SeunJeremiah says:

    This two seem to step a little the game. The Inspire has a more bright image and overall looks better both drones are quite different invented with two different market targets in mind. The Inspire aims in fact at the prosumer segment, while the Mavic goes for the consumer/enthusiast side, but nonetheless Mavic falls a little shorter than the Inspire, and it would not be very easy to get a cinematic shot out of this drone

    • Trevor M says:

      So true, but I fell in love with The Mavic long ago and always see it as high in my books. Thank you for checking out my site.

  3. Nazmun Nahar says:

    Wow, an excellent article about Mavic pro drone. You are right. When I think in past how hard It was yo shoot any video from the very far top from the ground which they overcome now, and that is Only for the drone. I heard about some drone which is very expensive. But it is very great news that we can buy magic pro from very less price. Even we don’t have to compromise the quality. If my nephew was thinking to buy a drone a few months back because he has a production house. But it was very expensive. I am gonna share this article with him and I know he will definitely get it helpful. Thanks for this article.

  4. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for your post. I love drones, which provide pictures and videos I could never be able to obtain through conventional way.

    I hike a lot and take a lot of pictures and videos in the ground. Since I have drone, I able to get steady, reliable, and impressive pictures and videos of the mountains from above. It is amazing scenery from above, which is completely different from what we see from ground.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. Some of my friends are interesting in purchase drones and I will forward your article to them.

  5. mamabear01 says:

    Hi Trevor,

    This article makes me want to laugh with happiness and glee.  A camera with wings!  Talk about fun.  This is a well researched and well-written article; one that makes me want to run right out and purchase an Altair AA108, like now.  I liked your comparisons and all the information about drones, especially for beginners.  I hate to even admit this, but I just envisioned drones as spy equipment for investigators or military.  And yes, the movies.  I hadn’t moved to a private citizen having one besides the toy one I’ve seen at the parks and such, but I can imagine the beautiful pictures of the mountains and desert around me.  I can picture the wildlife I could get photos of and see in action.  

    Your article makes it easier to decide which would be good for someone like me who is slowly working her way into the 21st century.  I liked your pictures and your explanations, and your advice about refurbished at a lower price.  Do you really think someone as klutzy as I am can really work a drone and take good photos?  Looking forward to trying.



  6. Edward says:

    Thank you. I did not know that the inspire was more designed for professionals and the mavic pro was more designed for the hobbyist. That is an important distinction. My dad is mentioning a lot about how anyone with a drone license and two years of experience can get a lot of interesting jobs operating drones.
    One of them he mentions a lot is real estate photography. I bet if someone got a couple of real estate photography gigs then the Inspire 2 would already pay for itself.

    • Trevor M says:

      That is exactly the reason I created Dronefied. To reach as many people as I can and help them connect with the right drone.

  7. Paul says:

    Dear Trevor,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful comparison between Inspire 2 vs The Mavic pro.

    Photography is my passion and I am trying to learn it from my friend who is a professional photographer. Recently came to know about The Mavic Pro via my friend and he is struggling to make his purchase decision.

    I got helpful insights from your post. Although Inspire 2 and The Mavic pro are awesome, the price of Inspire 2 is quite expensive and many can’t afford it.

    The Mavic Pro is the one gets my attention, and it comes under our budget because it’s a refurbished product.

    May I ask…

    Is it okay to purchase a refurbished product and will there be any problem after buying it? (Since as per my understanding the refurbished product is the device which was either sent back by a customer because it was faulty or was simply sold by its previous owner).

    • Trevor M says:

      Yes the refurbished models were sent back. The real reason unknown. I kthe reason now that I have brought stuff back to the store that I had just bought and had to return it because I needed the money… not because it was faulty. That being said the real reason is unknown.

      DJI guarantees their drones to work like new and say if you did have a problem they would take it back and fix it no questions asked. You can also purchase DJI refresh packages(drone insurance) 

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