In this article I am going to be discussing everything there is to know about maintaining drones. I will show you the practices that I have perfected over the years to keep my drone in the air.

There are many drones out there, from beginners to advanced. Moreover, there are drones with automated flight features for surveying land, or farmers checking on their herds. When having such a big selection to choose from, you need to find out which one is right for you.

When choosing the right drone, there is a couple questions you need to ask yourself, “What am I using it for”, and “how much money do I want to spend?”

Flying For Fun – And Beginner Drones

Being an enthusiast like me, or if you just want to take the kids to the park and have some fun. You might want to consider buying a beginners drone. A good beginner drone I recommend is the “Force1 U818A HD Camera RC Quadcopter”. For around $129.99. This drone is the most user-friendly and fun out there, for adults and kids alike.

The already assembled Force1, is the easiest and quickest and comes with a remote. When first flying they can be a little technical at first, and hard to handle, but when you spend a little time with them, they become a lot easier to navigate. With more advanced drones, there is a little more assembly, and you will have to purchase, the drone, remote control, and batteries.

The even more advanced models, come with even more features. Like the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced – Aerial Photography Drone. An uprated camera is equipped with the 1″ – 20-megapixel sensor, capable of shooting 4k/60 fps. It also has the “Flight Autonomy System” has 5 vision sensors for two-directional obstacle sensing and forward-vision obstacle avoidance. I recommend starting with the beginners model, and working you are way up to the advanced stages. To make this a serious hobby.

Staying in the Air – Proper Maintenance

To keep your drone in the air, you are always going to want to do a pre-flight check. Just to make sure all the propellers are in good condition, and nothing is damaged. This check ensures that when you get in the air, your drone doesn’t come crashing down and get destroyed.

Also, you are going to check to make sure you are batteries are in good condition. For the Phantom 4 I recommend getting the DJI intelligent flight batteries. These batteries are designed to stop charging when they are full. Keeping up with you’re pre-flight checks ensures your drones stay flying high.

The Remote Control System

When buying beginner drones, the controller is usually included. It’s not until you get to the advanced models that you can select the right remote for your needs. A good beginners remote is the “FlySky FS-I6 2.4G. Or, you could get the more advanced ‘RadioLink AT 10II”

Summing Up

Purchasing the right drone, and keeping it maintained is important. With all the different makes and models, you need to ask yourself the big question “how much money am I willing to spend”, and how far will I take my hobby?

You could make a flight over the neighborhood for some vivid pictures, or you could keep a close eye on you are herds. The remote controlled drones are far different from say remote control cars. There are so many things you can do with a drone.

You can take pictures, or survey you are land, or perhaps you just want to take the kids to the park, and enjoy the day. With so many options in the drone universe, you will always be satisfied with you are results. I have added affiliate links on this page as well as links to my products page to make buying that much easier. If you are interested in buying a drone this link to my Products Page will take you right there. If you have any stories or comments leave them below.


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  1. Ramos says:

    It makes no sense, just as you stated, for anyone to get a sophisticated drone without learning how to properly maintain it. As fun as it is to fly a drone, it is prone to causing accidents too and also, giving it proper maintenance would aid it to last much longer. Though I do not own a drone for now(I’m saving up already), I have a couple of friends who have gotten theirs and I will definitely share this out to them. Thanks for the helpful information.

  2. Henderson says:

    Getting a drone is a very exciting thing and people fail to realise that maintenance is just as important as buying it. I have used so a few drones myself and I can tell that accidents with the drones when people get nonchalant with the product. I will keep your points in mind and make sure I take a test run before anything. Good post!

  3. DerrAd says:

    I’m not much concerned about maintenance as my hand wouldn’t rest in fidgeting the drone but thanks anyway for the tips. Since you mentioned an affordable brand for beginners, I will be glad to know if I can get a brand that leaves room for customization. With the advancement in machine learning, I’m thinking of experimenting on a drone with my little experience in coding. 

    Can I get any model that can help my curiosity? I will be glad to read your response. Thanks for the information.  

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