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Product: Propel Maximum X15 Hybrid Stunt Drone With HD Camera

Price:  $72.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

What’s Included: Free Shipping

Other Things to Consider:

This Propel Drone review will give you all the information on The Maximum X15 Stunt Drone. That you may need. I have also added some tutorial videos, to further explain everything about the X15 and Propel Spyder.

This being a relatively cheap drone I wasn’t expecting much. I was surprised when I opened the box, and seen everything. When purchasing any Drone, I recommend getting extra batteries, because you only get about 10 minutes flight time on one charge, with most beginner models, and charge time is around 180 minutes.  Having an extra battery means you can charge one while your using the other. This can greatly increase your up-time.

Another thing to consider within this propel drone review, is extra propellers, and the screws that are used to attach them. I have had a little trouble with them popping off and breaking because of the stunt feature. There are 4 extra propellers that come with, but you may need a couple more. There are 3 speed settings, which means this thing goes pretty fast, and crashes are inevitable. Here is a short video on the Propel Maximum X15 and Propel Spyder. They are virtually the same drone with a couple different variations.


When it first got in the air. Everything was going relatively normal. This being a stunt drone and all, I wanted to see what this things got. So I pushed the speed button two times. That puts it to the third speed setting, and the fastest. If your just a beginner I recommend trying out the first two speed modes first, this thing’s quick.

There are two problems when flying this drone that I noticed. The first one, when the craft got to it’s recommended distance. That’s the distance you have before the remote loses its connection. Losing connection means the drone falls from the air. You have no control over anything at this moment.

The second issue was weather is that the drone was swept away easily by a gust of wind. It’s like a kite without a string. Your drone will go so far until you lose connection, and again it will fall from the air. Other than those two problems, everything turned out flawless.

Now, when I purchased the X15, I purchased through Amazon Prime. Being a Prime member I got a whole bunch of perks. Things like Prime Video. I get access to thousands of new high quality movies. Another perk is Prime music. Now here’s something I didn’t expect. With Prime Music they give you access to millions of songs just like Spotify only better. I have added links to the cheapest place to get the X15 and the banner at the bottom is a link directly to Amazon Prime.

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