The Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4…

Is there a difference?

I bet that’s exactly why you are here…

Cause you want to know the difference. Well there are some unique differences with these two advanced drones and I’m going to give you the rundown.

Both The Mavic Pro drone & Phantom 4 have different camera systems, and have advanced software that makes being an aerial photographer, or filmaker super easy and fun to do.

There are some unique differences tho, of the features and technology with The Mavic Pro and The Phantom 4.

So here’s a little rundown of how each drone performs and what kind of features you can expect.

The Mavic Pro – $799 – What’s Under The Hood?

The Mavic Pro drone is small but versatile, helping you create your own brilliant aerial moments with its advanced camera system and obstacle avoidance technology, along with it’s 4 vision sensors.

Aerial moments are yours to create with no more worry about crashing.

The small but powerful Mavic Pro comes packed with a 4k Ultra HD camera controlled by a 3-Axis gimbal system.

The 12mp camera and HDR technology create all the aerial photographs brilliantly, and the footage will be a work of art. Moreover, it’s 24 computing cores make sure you never run short of computing power and always snap photos that will impress even the greatest critics for years to come.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Snap a photo with Simple Gesture, using the Gesture Selfie feature or active tracking technology which allows you to track a moving subject.

The Mavic Pro has a max flight speed of 65km/h and a flight time of 27 minutes, so those long and stealthy missions are nothing short of spectacular.

Again The Mavic Pro is nothing short of spectacular. I have managed to find The Mavic Pro for a crazy unbeatable price. The Mavic Pro for $799. Who has even heard of a Mavic for that cheap. Not to worry if you think it’s a scam cause the link to The Mavic Pro on this page takes you directly to DJI.

The reason it is so cheap is because it is a refurbished model and again not to worry if you don’t think it will be the same as brand new. I have personally purchased one of these refurbished models and it looks brand new. So if you might be worried that you won’t get a good model. Rest assured DJI will make all of your Drone Dreams become a reality. You get all the same packaging and contents as brand new just refurbished and cheap!

Phantom 4 – $699 – What’s Under The Hood?

So what is the DJI Phantom 4 drone? Well simply put it is a really good drone for aerial photography and filmmakers.

The Phantom 4 is bigger with an integrated gimbal system for greater camera stability and smoother footage.

The Phantom 4 allows you to track moving objects with its smart technology and has TapFly, which lets you fly with the tap of a finger. The Phantom 4 has a flight time of 28 minutes and a top speed of 72km/h.

The optimized positioning system raises positioning altitude of up to 10 meters. This allows for smoother handling and gorgeous aerial shots.

The Phantom 4 is quite big with smoother control and stability. The size of the Phantom 4 is about 18 x 18 inches.

I have managed to find the Phantom 4 for the unbeatable price of $699. That’s right I said $699 for a Phantom 4. A person needs to hurry when purchasing a Phantom because I really don’t know how much longer DJI is going to sell the refurbished Phantom 4’s. A little birdie told me they are stopping on making The Phantom models because of sensors and airports, things of that nature. They will be introducing bigger and better soon and that means more expensive.

The link to the Phantom 4 will take you directly to the DJI website where you can get these unbeatable drone prices.

The Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 – The Subtle Differences?

Now, this is The Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4.

The Mavic has a max air speed of 65km/h and the Phantom Has a max of 72km/h. This is a big difference when you’re talking drone speed. Both drones have 4k Ultra HD technology and integrated gimbal systems.

They are both equipped with obstacle avoidance systems, so crashes are a thing of the past.

The Mavic and Phantom have tracking software to take selfies or gorgeous aerial shots. The range of these two drones are a little different with the Mavic having a range of 4km and the Phantom having a range of 5km.

This is a really big range gap. When you need to fly long distances, The Phantom having an extra kilometer means everything.

Getting The Drone You Want…

Purchasing a drone is a big deal. It’s an investment, you want to protect your investments.

This is why having obstacle avoidance technology is important and both The Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 have it. They both have HDR camera systems with advanced software.

Both of these drones capture beautiful aerial photographs and take selfies super smooth. Purchasing an advanced drone has a hefty price tag so you want to get your monies worth.

Either of these drones are well worth the money.

The Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4. What would I recommend? I really like eveything the Mavic has to offer. You can also get the Care Packages with your drone.

Getting the Care Package is like getting insurance for your drone.

When DJI Care Packages are purchased, this gives your coverage for up to two crashes. You can crash into a tree or into your local pond. Not to worry tho cause they can be covered.

Summing Up

I have scoured the internet for the best information and cheapest prices available. Here I have found an all time low price for both of these drones under a thousand dollars.

The price for The Mavic pro I have found is $799 and for The Phantom 4 $699. The links to these drones are at the top of the page.

Now you might be wondering why these expensive drones are so cheap and this is perfectly normal.

The reason why these two drones are so cheap is because they are refurbished units. Now you might be thinking “What? Refurbished?. Is the quality still the same?

Let me assure you that even tho these are refurbished units, they are still like brand new.

Just previously owned. You still get the same DJI quality,

All the affiliate links on this page takes you directly to DJI. You are buying these drones from DJI, just through my site, and that’s why there are some crazy awesome deals.

I have placed affiliate links through this page to give you access to these amazing offer’s. If you have any questions or concerns drop me a line below in the comments section or click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


14 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    Thank you very much this is a comparison I was wondering about. Maverick and DJ I seem to be the two leading companies in drones. If I am going to get a drone then I am definitely going to get a care package. Speaking of refurbished I am using a refurbished laptop that I got in 2013. It is still working great, probably just as well as if I gotten a new laptop. So refurbished is a good way to go and saves you a lot of money. It sounds like they are both excellent drones.

  2. RoDarrick says:

    Now I’m getting very confused as to go for either the phantom 4 or the mavic pro. Since the phantom 4 has more distance covered than the mavic pro and also shared all other qualities that the mavic pro possesses, why then is the mavic pro called the best drone camera made? I really wish to make the best buying decision and that’s the reason I am carrying out this much research concerning the drones. Thanks

    • Trevor M says:

      No problem… I know these two drones are very good and the decision becomes hard to choose. But me personally I really enjoy the Mavic

  3. Neil Brown says:

    Great post on drones, the technology is just soaring higher than it ever has and is opening new doorways to new ideas that will do nothing short of creating greater advancements in business ideas.

    Drones are something new to me but I can definitely see a miraculous benefit in the use of drones and their taking off to further heights in the near future, thanks.

  4. Wayne says:

    Hello, Trevor and thanks for this review.

    My wife and I just recently retired and we are looking at the possibility of taking longer trips with our RV and it would be really nice to have a drone to take aerial shots and videos with to post on my RV website.  Although there are differences between these drones, I think I would be happy with either of them.  I would only be taking a video of the areas around us or places we are visiting (within the rules of course).

    I’ve seen some amazing videos done by others who are full-time RV living” and they all seem to be shot within a short distance of where they are so I’m not sure if an extra Kilometer is all that big a deal although, for some, I suppose it would be.  To each his/her own I guess, personal preference and all that.

    You mentioned that they both have “Tracking software”.  Would this also include the ability to program set patterns of travel for specific aerial photography?

    One last Q before I go.  I’m quite serious about trying my hand at aerial photography and, as much as I would love to have either of these, is there a drone that you would recommend that is under $400, (that’s my current budget), that would do the job until such time I could afford one of the others?  Gotta start somewhere right?  Gain some experience before jumping into the better ones.

    Thanks again for this review.  Always learning,


  5. TimMoto says:

    Great comparison between the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4.  The fact that they are refurbished in my opinion only makes them more affordable and still worth the investment.  With the obstacle avoidance, HD technology as a feature of both Drones, the choice is even more difficult as both seem to be outstanding units.

    Since the Mavic Pro is just a bit faster, I would think this is more of a desirable feature.  However, with the Phantom 4 unit being about $100 less expensive, I’d lean towards the Phantom and  put the additional funds into accessories if necessary or even purchase additional parts as back up.  I think the Phantom 4 is the way I’d go!

    Great article and an excellent idea to consider the refurbished models vs. new purchases.  Thanks for the suggestion and the excellent reviews. 

  6. MissusB says:

    Thanks for thoroughly covering both features of Mavic pro and Phantom 4. The latter may have a faster maximum speed, and a minute longer flight time but the first one offers a Care Package which I think is necessary for a drone system. The school where I work is planning to buy a drone to he used for shooting videos, film and school ID ( it’s like a local video advertisement). Hiring a professional videographer and renting equipment such as drone is very costly. I would suggest to look at both products. I hope it can be easily used by students too because they’ll he needing it for educational and extra curricular purpose. Thanks for sharing this comparison of Mavic Pro and Phantom 4.

  7. Riaz Shah says:

    Interesting! If I’ve read that right, it sounded like the Phantom 4 is better than Mavic as it is faster by 7km/h more not to mention the better range. As it has it the same additional features as Mavic on the Gimball and the 4k camera plus the Phantom being more cheaper, I was wondering why isn’t it your recommended choice though? It surely is mine 😀

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