What are the differences between The Mavic Air & The Mavic Pro, and why are they both the same price? If you’ve made the choice, and decided to purchase either one of these drones there will be Affiliate Links that take you directly to DJI, there you can get both of these amazing drones for the sensational low price of $799.

Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro – So What’s The Difference?

So what is the Mavic Pro Drone?

Two of the best drones ever created are the Mavic Air & The Mavic pro. Everything you get with The Mavic Air you get with The Pro only better.

So what’s the difference and why are they the same price? First let’s start with their flight times(how long the batteries last).

The Mavic Air having a flight time of 21 minutes and The Mavic Pro having 27 minutes. This might not seem like a big difference, but when you’re talking drone minutes. It’s a lifetime.

Having an extra six minutes to capture that beautiful aerial shot, makes life a lot easier.

Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro Drone – Camera Systems

Next we have the camera systems. Both the Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro have advanced camera systems. The Mavic Pro has more advanced software with 12mp camera resolution.

The Mavic Air has 32mp sphere panoramas. This allows for gorgeous aerial shots. Both The Mavic Air and The Mavic Pro have 4k cameras and 3-Axis gimbals. Both have 100Mbps to capture every moment with UHD quality video.

Both drones shoot video at the incredible rate of 30/fps, but what’s different about the pro is it’s 4k sensor. This ensures that every shot you take with the Mavic Pro can be up to 4k and this is very important, when trying to get that perfect aerial shot.

Both Mavics take marvelous HDR photos.

With things like active track, you can tell the Mavic who to track and the Mavic does the rest. Both Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro has this capability.

Mavic Air & The Mavic Pro – Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality for your drone is an amazing feature. When you strap on the virtual reality headset, you open up a whole new world. Both The Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro has this feature.

You will be right in the action when your in virtual reality mode. Virtual reality is becoming ever more popular and now that you can fly your drone with it, you become the action.

Mavic Air & The Mavic Pro – Flight Autonomy Systems

This Flight System is very intuitive and your drone knows there is an obstacle and avoids it. Plainly dubbed Flight Autonomy 2.0. The Flight Autonomy System that both Mavics have is one of the handiest features, to ensure there are no crashes. With an investment like a Mavic you can’t afford to crash it up.

If say you do get into some trouble, and crash into something or land in the local lake. You have the option to buy your Mavic Air Care Package. This is just like getting insurance for your car, only for your drone. The Care Package is good for up to 2 crashes. DJI will fix or replace your drone.

This gives you a worry free flight and you are free to enjoy yourself. Not worrying about crashing can greatly increase fun and enjoyment.

Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro – Why Are They The Same Price?

This is the million dollar question. Why is The Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro the same price? There is a straight forward answer to this question. The reason the price is the same is because

The Mavic Air is brand new and The Mavic Pro is a refurbished unit. When I say refurbished this means it was previously owned and isn’t brand new.

That being said, the refurbished Mavic is the same quality and has all the same features bells and whistles, just previously owned. You don’t lose anything buying refurbished. All you are doing is buying second hand only a cheaper.


What are the differences between the Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro, and why are the same price? If you have made the choice and want to purchase either one of these drones there are Affiliate Links on this page that take you directly to DJI.

I have scoured the internet finding the lowest prices for both of these drones “The Mavic Air vs The Mavic Pro” you know what I found? I found these two drones directly from DJI at an all time low price of $799 taxes and shipping included.

You aren’t going to find these prices anywhere else. I have identified the differences with these two drones and brought them to light. I have scoured the internet in search of the cheapest Mavics I could find and this is what I have found. The Affiliate links on this page allow you to access these prices and you get to fly one of the most advanced drones of our time.


18 Responses

  1. RoDarrick says:

    I never realised that there is a difference between the mavic air and the mavic pro. I thought they were the same especially when I noticed that the two of them have the same price tag. Thankfully I read this post before making a purchasing decision. The mavic pro seems to be a little bit better than the mavic air going by the information made available through this post. Though I’m buying it for a cousin though but it still feel obligatory for me to get the very best for him. Thanks

  2. Charles says:

    Wow $799 is a fantastic price for those mavic drones. Yeah that extra time in the air can make a difference and it’s probably worth it to get the pro. That’s great that they have 4K cameras. Then they can record 4K video which is great quality for watching. Flight autonomy 2.0 sounds like a very important feature. Thanks for giving us the links to have the cheapest prices. And clearing up the confusion between the mavic air and mavic Pro. Very well written article. I will come back when I need to buy drones.

  3. Henderson says:

    This is a really good review. I like the way you have written your comparison of the two drones. I am a big fan of drones and even though I don’t own any of this, I have heard of them. One of the biggest catch for me on a drone is one with a good camera quality and awesome battery life which this two qualify well in. Its understandable why they aren’t so different in price. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  4. Robert says:

    Great review. I am happy you explained the differences between the Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro because I would have thought the Pro was an updated more feature version. Every year I get more and more amazed at the technology of drones. DJI makes a good quality drone and I am really interested in using VR. Do you have a review about using the Virtual Reality headset? Thanks!

  5. Riaz Shah says:

    I was thrilled with drumrolls as I was reading and expecting the Mavic Pro’s price but I was even more overwhelmed when I heard that both are of the same price, nice! Refurbished or not, I think $799 is he worth all of that what with the 4k camera and extended battery life. Out of curiosity, how far is the Mavic’s maximum height that it can fly to?

  6. SeunJeremiah says:

    The Mavic Pro is everything I’ve been wanting in a drone for the past three years. It finally has a large 1 inch sensor. The 10 bit Dlog-M color profile makes color grading super easy and clean, also the zoom function is great for isolating the foreground from the background. The increase in speed makes it even more useful for action shots. The Mavic pro works better for me.

  7. Mandrew5 says:

    I have wondered the web long enough finding which would be better for my oncoming hiking trip in the mountains. the Mavic air or the Mavic pro. Thanks for clarifying these facts to me and showing what exactly the pro is about, since now i don’t have to go blind shopping my mavic. 

    Never did i know about these aircare packages that you mentioned either.

    Thank you man and take some perfect pictures. So will I.

  8. Happier At Home says:

    Hey, Trevor!  

    Great review and comparisons between the two drones!  I would definitely think that battery life/flight time would be a factor for me.  However, purchasing something for that price makes me a little worried if it is a refurbished item.  It may be ok though.  I’ll definitely be coming back if I’m needing to purchase a drone!  Thanks for your insight and great job on the post!

  9. Carol5162 says:

    Thank you for the clarification on the Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro. The difference in features are not too far off, and I am glad both of them are the same price. An extra six minutes in a movie shot is great. I also know in emergency situations, drones can be a life saver. Those extra minutes mighty capture the very crucial evidence needed.

    Quite interesting to know that the Flight Autonomy Feature on both drones exist. It is very intelligent that the drones can avoid obstacles intentionally. That is real technology there!

    Thank you for a great comparison and suggestions.

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