Is the Drone X Pro a scam?

If you’re reading this than that’s exactly what you might think.

I’m here to tell you this just isn’t true with this being my personal experience when buying The Drone X Pro.

I run and write of my experiences with drones, lots of the advertising on my site deals with everything to do with drones.

Many advertisements show up and most cases they are random, but the one that shows up the most is Drone X Pro. They are advertising hard with this Drone.

The thing is if it is a scam and this thing is advertised all over my site, I have the right to know. Dronefied strongly agrees with the best Drone buys, not the worst.

This is a big deal here, If this thing is a scam and it is advertised all over my site I would like to know. Wouldn’t you?

Drone X Pro – My Buy

Here’s a little story about how the Drone X caught my attention through the ads on my website and I made a purchase.

I was touching up my website and noticed The Drone X Pro advertisement. Always seeing this ad I wanted to know exactly what The Drone X Pro is and if what they were saying was accurate. I see this ad everywhere so you can tell they put a whole bunch of money into advertising.

So I clicked the ad and ordered the Drone X Pro.  It’s being shipped from China. Or so they say…

I translated the shipping details on my IPhone language translator and my package has said shipped on their package tracking app. There is a bunch of info supplied about where it gets shipped from and how many stops it makes along the way.

I have been tracking my package everyday with frequent updates here’s the link to their site —>

The tracking company is called 17 Track. So far so good I told myself. Everything looks legit so far.

You can click the 17 Track link above and check it out for yourself if you still think it’s a scam. Let me assure you this thing is legit. As you can see in the image below I ordered the Drone X Pro on the 26th of August that’s the day it was in China and it is in Edmonton 10 days later.

This is super fast with packages coming from China. I’m impressed so far.

As you can see below here is the snapshot from 17 Track All-In-One Package and all of the details from my Drone X Pro leaving China and arriving in Canada within 9 days. That’s pretty damn fast if you ask me…

Is The Drone X Pro A Scam?

This is an easy one my friends. I have done the whole process of ordering to delivery. I really didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive.

The whole process from ordering to delivery, only took about 12 days and I am super stocked to open my package. Everything is intact, looks good.

Along with the Drone X I added the carrying case and extra propellers, to my order. You also have the option to purchase an HD camera attachment. I didn’t purchase the HD camera. I figured I had enough invested. My total came to just over $220.

I was a little surprised by this because they advertise the Drone X for $133. The carrying case cost $38 dollars and the extra propellers were $14. For all three of these items I should have paid $185.

One other thing: when I placed my order through their website there wasn’t a grand total page. Whenever you buy something online, it doesn’t matter where, there is a final page that tells you exactly what you’re ordering and what the total is. This is where it gets a little fuzzy.

There is no grand total page that tells you exactly what your order is, or what your card will be charged. It’s very vague, It just says your order has been placed and doesn’t tell you anything else.

I had to log into my MasterCard to actually see how much my card was charged. This could deter people from buying, because everything you buy online needs to have the Grand Total page.

I was a little worried to see what they charged my card at first, but I was relieved to find the Drone X Pro cost exactly what the ad said.

The add says free shipping so I didn’t know how my total was $220. Being nosy I emailed Drone X and asked for some info on why It cost so much. They replied to my email within the same day and clarified that they charge in American Dollars and I’m Canadian so the exchange rate makes up for the total charge. I did a little math and found that this was true and they got it right.

“Is The Drone X Pro A Scam? I would really like to answer this question for you. I placed my order and tracked my package all the way and it was impressively fast. Shipments coming from China can most times take up to a month or two. So let me commend the Drone X Pro delivery system by saying damn that was fast.

My Drone X arrived early I closely inspected my whole package and I have been impressed. So no the Drone X Pro is not a scam my friends.

For all you disbelievers out there who think the Drone X Pro is a scam here’s an photo of me holding my Drone X Pro 10 days after I ordered it online.

Thank you Drone X Pro.

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The featured image on this page is courtesy of Drone X Pro Canada.


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