ProductHoly Stone HS170G

 Price:  $59.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

What’s Included: Free Shipping

Other Things to Consider: Extra Batteries


The Holy Stone is the best beginners drone with a camera. This drone is perfect for beginner pilots, has a ton of features, and learning to fly goes off without a hitch.

Learning to fly a drone can sometimes be frustrating. Without the perfect training version your efforts will be futile.

Many features on the Holy Stone, it’s powerful hold altitude function, you are able to let go of the throttle and the drone will hover effortlessly in the air. The powerful 2.4g 6-Axis gyro ensures less interference more stability and total maneuverability. You have the headless mode option.

What this means is you do not have to worry about the direction of the drone. It will stay flying forward in correlation with the remote control direction. Here’s a short video review and tutorial of the Holy Stone HS170G. Check this out!!!

I have added some affiliate links on this page which will allow you to get the cheapest possible price on the Holy Stone HS170G. When you shop for drones the cheapest place for beginner drones is Amazon. With the free shipping you are paying next to nothing for this drone.

The featured image of the Holy Stone HS170G on this page is courtesy of Amazon.

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