Product: Force1 U818A

Product Price:$129.99

The Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

What’s Included: Free Shipping

Other Things to Consider: Extra Batteries


The Force1 is an amazing drone for beginners and takes flying and navigating to a whole nother level. There are options you just won’t find anywhere else. What makes this drone stand out from its competitors is it versatility and things like virtual reality and headless mode. Navigating the sky is easier and better.

There are many things to consider when purchasing the Force1 and having options for beginners is a must. Flying a drone does take some skill and with a beginners model, you can be sure that you navigate the skies with ease. The Force1 comes with features other don’t have.

For instance, the altitude hold function. The altitude hold function allows you let go of the controls and the drone will hang effortlessly in the air. This minimizes crashes and keeps your drone flying high.

Another amazing feature is the virtual reality. This feature allows you to connect to your drone via a headset and you get ultimate control when buzzing around the sky.

Something more is the stunt action with this drone. Perform aerial stunts with front, back and side to side. Never cease to amaze your audience with great acrobatic qualities and the flips are very impressive,  you will always keep your family and friends guessing.

With the live video feature it allows you to connect to your smartphone or tablet to keep your attention directly in the action. The smartphone feature utilizes the Force1 app and comes with a whole heap of options.

Pros And Cons

The Pros definitely outweigh the Cons with this drone…

Pros Cons

-First Person View –

-Virtual Reality (included headset)

-Live video With HD Camera

-2mp Camera

-Performing Stunts

-Phone App

-Custom Flight Path

-Led Lights

-Ultimate Control

-Quality Design

-Extra Propellers

-Cheap Price


-Crash Easy When Out Of Range

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