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You might be wondering what “commercial use of drones” means?  Some of the major industries are utilizing the use of drones, everything from agriculture to construction. Commercial use of drones include agriculture, architecture, to delivery, and construction. It’s amazing what the industry leaders are doing with drones. The commercial use of drones has revolutionized the way people do business, and how they are saving thousands.

 Drones In Agriculture Industry – And Farming Alike

When growing season approaches, farmers open their Ultimate Aluminum Hardshell Briefcase,(Briefcase for your drone) and prepare for flight. From scouting their land, and making sure there are no major issues. They can search for water flow, and inspect a stretch of land for seeding.

They also search for wildlife, and  flooding. Drones are even being used by farmers for spraying, sowing, as well as plant protection. The agriculture sector is making good use of drones, and they are saving thousands of dollars. I have managed to find a video that shows in detail exactly how a drone can be used for spraying your crops.

Drones Used For Search And Rescue – Saving Lives

The emergency service sector are using drones too. When someone goes missing, time is one thing that is not on your side. When you need to search extremely rugged terrain, or thousands of acres, and paramedics can’t reach the scene for any number of reasons. Drones can be equipped and deployed, with emergency equipment like a defibrillator, or communication devices.

When searching a stretch of land, or a Forrest in the dark. What’s the fastest ways to do this? Use a Hybrid-Electric UAV. These drones have extremely long flight times, with super intelligent software and can be set up in minutes. Drones set up this fast means searches can be conducted in a timely manner.

I have found a video that utilizes the  DJI Phantom 3 for search and rescue. This video explains in detail exactly how drones can be used in search and rescue missions, and shows you that they are a lot better than traditional aircraft.


Drones Used For Delivery – Postal Service Too

Drones have been tested for delivery of food. They can deliver everything from pizza’s to tacos, or pretty much anything. The video below shows you exactly how Uber is testing the delivery of food, and some of the major advantages and disadvantages. It’s actually quite amazing, check this out….

With the ever-increasing need for faster delivery times. The postal service has even considered deploying drones. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and Australia. Have been testing the profitability of drones, and delivering mail. The USPS has been testing the use of drones as well. In February 2014, the prime minister of United Arab Emirates, has planned to launch drones equipped with fingerprint, and eye recognition systems to deliver such things like, ID cards, or Licenses also Passports. They have used UAV’s to supply emergency scenes also.

Using Drones For Construction

Architecture and construction, another major commercial use of drones. Using drone data in civil construction has helped save time and money. With special attachments on drones you can easily see who’s moved what and when. Doing a simple site survey of your land will ensure your moving your dirt and no one else. Moreover, you can track job progress and make sure your jobs stay on budget. Using drones in the construction industry has greatly improved job accuracy, saved money, and gives you accurate benchmarks on progress. Commercial uses for drones is ever expanding and in this video they will show you exactly how they are using these drones in construction, architecture, surveying, and mining.

Why Drones Work – And Work For You!

Drones have become one of the biggest assets for the commercial use of drones. Everything from agriculture to construction. The applications are endless. The technology the technology that is equipped with these drones will astound you. Whatever drones will be used for, possibilities are endless.

Drones have become one of the best ways to help your business work efficiently. If I told you they would save your company thousands depending on what you used it for. What would you say? Some of the world industry leaders are deploying and making good use of drones.

They are saving thousands, and you could too. I have added some affiliate links, to some of the highest quality and cheapest drones out there. The DJI Matrice 600 is one of the best surveying and mapping drones. If you have any other commercial use of drones. We’d love to hear about. Let us know by clicking Contact Us or leave a comment below.


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  1. captainm7 says:

    wow! This is really helpful to me personally, I have had interest on drones but didn’t actually know it’s going to be helpful for farming too. Hmmm thank you for this article and aside the typo error on the beginning and the WA affiliate link at the bottom which I th8nk should not be there because it’s not relating to the topic. Aside from that bro you are good to go and a picture of you holding what I think is your own drone proves that you should have experience in handling and use of drones. And I think there was one about saving lives that didn’t have a picture to display…… well that’s what I have noticed and once more I want to say thank you. 

    Love From Africa. 

    • Trevor Mattiuz says:

      Hey brother thanks for the comrment, and thanks again for the input. I have since repaired all inconsistencies, Thanks Again. The Skies The Limit

  2. Todd Matthews says:

    Drones are now a thing of the present, and they’re helping with so many different avenues in so many industries. These days, even at concerts I’ll see drones flying to snap images of fans and bands alike. It’s cool to see them becoming of use now in places like agriculture and definitely search and rescue. They’re a convenience to many of us and as they continue to improve, we’ll find even more uses for drones in the future. 

    • Trevor Mattiuz says:

      Yes! It is so incredible what people are using drones for. I hope to see more and more people purchasing and flying drones. 

  3. Aly says:

    Drones are a great way to get supplies to people in circumstances where locations are hard to reach. This can be either in emergency situations / disasters where it’s not safe to drive or land large aircraft, or just in cases where modern infrastructure does not support easy transportation of goods. They can literally save lives in these circumstances. 

    I’m curious, what does the range look like for drones that deliver supplies? Do these drones generally run on batteries, or are there also models that use other types of fuel?

  4. AmDetermined says:

    Hi, Your post about drone for industry is really a amazing and educating i have never taught that drone can be so useful even for company i have always used drone for personal use but i have learnt more value of drone on your website, this post is useful i will tell my uncle who is into agriculture to also buy this idea.

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