Product: DJI Osmo Action Cam

 Price:  $349.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: DJI

What’s Included:Taxes and Free Shipping

Other Things to Consider: Osmo Pocket Cam

You might be wondering what an action cam is doing on a drone site. First things first,, I am an affiliate marketer and I get some really good deals and just had to pass this along. If you wanted to get really creative you could attach the Osmo to your drone, and you’ve got an action cam drone. This being a DJI product I feel it meets the criteria to be on this site.

There, now that’s why this cam is on a drone site. Just, kidding…but on a serious note.

Moreover, this is a DJI product, and most of the drones on this site are from DJI, along with incredible deals. In my research I have found that DJI is one of the cheapest places to get drones or other products, such as action cams.

The Osmo Action Cam is a great addition to anyone’s camera collection. It has some amazing features like it’s Dual Screens. The Dual Screen feature lets you be the director, or be the actor in your own movie, by having a screen on the back of the cam, or a screen on the front. You will never miss the action again. This feature allows you to spend less time worrying if you missed that shot, seeing exactly what happened on the front screen.

DJI has taken things one step further and added Steady Shot Technology to this action cam. Providing reliable stabilization technology to filmmakers for years DJI combines EIS along with it’s complex algorithms delivering steady shake-free shots time-in and time-out.

The HDR dynamic detail dramatically enhances the range of your footage when recording in HDR mode. HDR mode ensures a natural transition when the background is changing from light to dark. The details that are sometimes lost in complex lighting conditions, are all seen when in HDR mode.

With super high quality at 4K with 60/fps, you are guaranteed that right shot the first time. With 100/mpbs you have the speed you need in any event. All this combined makes for all of the sharp details are never missed.

There are creative modes to make the videos your own. With things like 8x slow motion, you can watch that hilarious moment over and over. This option is best used in 1080p at 240/fps.

The custom exposure setting will really get you creative juices flowing. With things like 120 seconds of exposure. Capturing planets rising and falling has become easier than ever before. There is a time-lapse option that allows you to condense time and motion, like never before. Timed shooting mode, if your in the bush, and can’t be there to push the button. Now you don’t have to. The custom mode allows you to save those settings, no more remembering how you had those settings. With a super fast OS now you don’t have to.

Some other options include voice control, QS button, snapshot. This camera is built for impacts and is so worth the money. No matter what you want to use it for. You are never going to miss that perfect shot again. I have added affiliate links to this camera, at the lowest possible prices. When shopping at DJI you are always guaranteed no taxes, and free shipping. Why would’t you shop DJI. If you have an action cam story you would like me to feature, please click the Contact Us link or leave a comment below.


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