Mavic Pro 2

Product: The Mavic 2 Pro

Price:  $1499.00

Cheapest Place to Buy: DJI

What’s Included: Tax – Free Shipping

Other Things to Consider: Lekufee Professional Suitcases



The Mavic 2 Pro – Product Review

The Mavic Pro has everything you need to take gorgeous aerial photographs, with it’s smart controller that has a built in monitor, and it’s Hasselblad HDR video camera, it’s 64Gb micro sd-card makes for lots of storage. You will never run out of space, and if you need more you can always upgrade to the 128gb sd-card. The kit also includes 6 propeller blades. This will ensure your drone stays in the air. The video below illustrates all of the capabilities of the Mavic Pro 2.


Every time I take my Mavic down to the local park, open the briefcase and take it out. I instantly get a feeling of brilliance. Pressing the start button and watching the propellers engage, and it lifting off the ground. You can tell this the Mavic was built with the user in mind, and the sense of surrealism is priceless.

The Mavic Pro is an amazing piece of technology. From it’s 4K video at higher bitrates, and advanced compression, to it’s omnidirectional obstacle sensing, and it comes with flight intelligent batteries.

There are times when you can’t physically go into an area, but you can send in your Mavic. Or for those time’s when you want to take some aerial photography photos. There are so many ways you can use the Mavic. You are going to wonder how and why you lived without it.

Why Shop DJI

There are thousands of places to buy drones online. So why buy here? The answer is simple. There are links on this site to refurbished drones that are a quarter of the price brand new. Here’s a link to a refurbished Mavic Pro with a price tag of $799.

Why buy The DJI Mavic Pro 2?

You will actually be asking, why didn’t you buy DJI Mavic pro 2.  Finding the cheapest is what we are going for. They have same day delivery, with taxes included and free shipping.

When looking for the cheapest drones net why not get them directly from the factory. That’s where shopping DJI comes in the affiliate links I have added to this page take you directly to DJI.

There you will get the lowest price  for the DJI Mavic Pro 2. If you are looking to buy DJI Mavic 2 Pro follow the link and it will take you to the product page at DJI.

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  1. Tiana says:

    The Dji Mavic Air Pro is an impressive drone. If I had the money I would definitely purchase one, Thanks so much for the review!!!

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