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There are so many ways to use drones. Some of the “Best Drones In The Market” are on the cutting edge of technology, and design. The unique ways to incorporate drones into your daily life are everything from photography to flamethrowers and chainsaws. That’s right I said “flamethrowers” and “chainsaws.”

Professionals are using drones like the Matrice 600, for some crazy things. It’s robust technologies and design, make it the perfect candidate for constructing these machines of mayhem. If you are interested in Aerial Photography follow the link. If you are interested in “Drones with Flamethrowers and Chainsaws” read on…

Matrice 600 – This Drone Spit’s Fire

There are many things you can attach to a drone, but I didn’t think a flamethrower was one of them, I have recently seen a video buzzing the internet. They attached a flamethrower to it’s body to clear some debris from a power line.

This is pretty unique if you ask me…

A hydro company in China, attached a flamethrower to a drone to clear debris from the power lines. “What a brilliant idea”. People are getting pretty inventive and attaching some cool things to drones. I’ve got the video below…

You may just want to have a flamethrower drone, to show your buddies exactly what you’ve been up to. What’s the perfect way? Attach a flamethrower to your drone. When they see your flamethrower, they are going to be blown away.

Anything you can think of can be attached to drones, and with drones getting bigger, better, and flight times getting longer and longer. Drones have become a world-wide phenomena.

Now…. I can link you up with the Matrice 600, but the flamethrower your on your own.

Matrice 600 – Drone With A Chainsaw

There are some Finnish farmers that have attached a chainsaw to their drone. That’s what I said, “A CHAINSAW”. Watch out here comes a KILLERDRONE!!! These crafty bastards took a drone attached a working chain saw to it and went chopping things. This is truly amazing. The video is below. OMG!!!


DJI Matrice 600 Specifications – What’s Under The Hood?

The DJI Matrice is one of DJI’s newest creations. The new platform is specifically designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. The Matrice 600 has a host of new powerful technologies all intertwined with design and craftsmanship unmatched by it’s competitors. With it’s A3 controller, lightbridge 2 transmission system and the intelligent batteries, all put together, that makes the Matrice 600 at the top of it’s class with technology and design. At a cool six thousand dollars, this drone better be as good as I say it is.

Technology And Drones

People are using drones for some amazing things, anything you can think of can be attached to a drone. Flamethrower’s are a little over the top, but if you can attach a flamethrower, what else can you attach. The skies the limit on that one. With many other things available to drones like infrared cameras for  hunting, or emergency equipment for paramedics. Drones have become common knowledge in most of the big industry leaders professions.

What would you attach to your drone? Possibilities are endless…

Best Drones In The Market –  Choosing The Right One For You

Choosing the right drone for you can sometimes be a painstaking process. Which brand will I choose, Or which ones come with a camera? and with all the different attachments, and components, this can get confusing. First things first. What are you going to use it for?

If your a beginner I recommend getting a good beginner model. I have made a page with four of the best drones with a camera. Click The Four Best Drones With A Camera to go check it out.

Why do I recommend a beginner model. Well they are actually a pain in the butt to get use to. With the auto take-off features, and auto land, they are becoming easier to use more and more.

Now if your an advanced pilot, and do professional photography then getting the Matrice 600, would be right up your alley.

Amazon has some of the cheapest prices for drones on the internet. If you are using your drone for aerial photography, or attaching a flame thrower.  Whatever you are looking for, anything is possible. The Skies The Limit!

I have added some affiliate links for the (Matrice 600, and inserted some Images and video links, Courtesy of (Youtube)If you have any crazy stories about the thing you have attached to drones, and would like them put onto the web, I would love to hear about it. So leave me a comment down below, or click the contact us link at the bottom of the page, and drop me a line.


4 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    Wow LOL giving the drones weapons definitely brings us one step closer to the science-fiction kind of scenarios where the drawings get artificial intelligence and take over the world. I always feel like that makes a good Sci-Fi story but I couldn’t see it actually happening or at least not anytime soon. For that is cool that human beings can use drones with different tools.

    Do you think a drone could use a leaf blower? That should be good for a landscaping business. Or a power washer? That way somebody who did landscaping or power washing could control the Drone remotely from an air-conditioned room and it would also be good for people who were injured and unable to do manual labor. What do you think?

    People could even work from home operating drones anywhere in the world. Wow that would be so cool. They would be like you just login on the computer and activate your drone and it gets to work for you while you get to just sort of hang out in the air conditioning. Some people will still like to do physical work but excellent can be good for preventing injuries because a lot of physical labor ends up resulting in injuries.

    • Trevor Mattiuz says:

      There are so many different things you could attach to a drone. If you can think of it. It has already been done. I am actually going to look for some more things like leaf blower drones and things of that nature. 

  2. Abayomi says:

    Awesome and wonderful technology article about Drones,I discovered from your write-up that other tools could be attach with the drone to perform a specific task,I will surely follow your advice, to recommend a beginner model. Well they are actually a pain in the butt to get use to. With the auto take-off features, and auto land, they are becoming easier to use more and more,I agree with you and I appreciate your effort towards educating people the best Drones in the market,thank you,rock higher in online business.

    • Trevor Mattiuz says:

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment and I will continue to try to educate people in the drone community.

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