There are many beginner models available, but finding what the best beginner drone with a camera, is sometimes confusing. Have you ever tried to find the best beginner drone with a camera, but just didn’t have enough information.

I have sifted through a lot of the beginner drones with a camera and pulled out the four best. Down below are the best beginner drones with a camera that I have found.

I bey you’ve never heard of these beginners drones, or maybe you have.

Holy Stone HS170G

The Holy Stone HS170G is perfect for beginners. First off this drone has a powerful air pressure hold function which allows the drone to hang effortlessly in the air, when you release the throttle.

This allows you to get your bearings if the drone gets out of control. It’s powerful 2.4gz 6 axis gyro makes sure there will be less interference with nearby drones, which increases maneuverability and stability.

The headless mode function is another awesome feature for beginners. This helps you orient the drone in the direction the controller is facing. This being a stunt drone flips front, back, side to side will impress all of your audiences.

Moreover, flying at night with it’s impressive led light display, navigating at night is that much easier and the Holy Stone has three flight speeds with left to right control modes. Flying at night with this beginners drone has never been easier.

Force1 U818A

Have your ever flown a drone in first person view / virtual reality? The Force1 U818A is an impressive beginners drone with a camera.

This drone is perfect for first time flyers, and has virtual reality googles. Strap on your virtual realty headset and get into the action.

Headless mode and altitude hold makes for easy navigation. All this added for clean and clear aerial photographs, along with stability and control.

The Force1 also does flips and tricks, along with it’s drone battery and power bank this makes for longer flight times and more fun. You can upgrade to the ultimate drone, so you can control through the app, with programmed flight path and all these features included makes for brilliant flight which is designed for beginners.


The Akaso  X5C is another drone with a camera for beginners. With various flight movements, the 6 axis gyro is perfect for stability and control if you are just learning.

The Altair is stunt ready, with 360 degree stunts at the push of a button. This kit includes the propeller blade protectors, which decreases  damages when collisions occur.

The built in HD camera allows for beautiful aerial photographs and video. The powerful 2.4gz transmitter ensures no interference from nearby drones.


Altair AA108

The Altair AA108 is the last and best beginner drone with a camera. This drones 120 Degree Wide-Angle 720P HD camera which takes amazing aerial photographs and videos in birds eye view right from your phone.

This drone is super easy to fly & has headless mode, with altitude hold and push button take-off and landing. These features are perfect for kids and advanced pilots alike.

The custom navigation flight modes help fly your drone in the direction you want by programming it on the app.

The long flight range of 100m ensures you are always in control, and the real time FPV(first person View) makes for beautiful aerial photographs and video.

All these features require a smartphone and the out of range alarm ensures you will never lose control of your drone again.

Best Beginner Drones With A Camera

So what is the best beginner drone with a camera? Sifting through them can be a pain in the butt,  I have found 4 that fit into the beginner category and these are the best.

When finding that best beginner drone with a camera, you want the one with the most options, and is the cheapest.

All of these drones are available on Amazon.

Do you want the highest quality drone with a camera for beginners. Then you have come to the right place All of these drones perform stunts and create beautiful aerial photography.

Looking for that best drone with a camera for beginners can be a headache, and that’s why I have picked out the four best for you.

I have tries to pick out the four best drones with a camera for beginners. If you know of any beginner drones that are better than the ones I have picked I would love to hear about them, so leave me a comment bellow or click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

I have also inserted affiliate links into this page to help connect you to the best products for the right price.


8 Responses

  1. Henderson says:

    Bah, I’m not so vast in drones and I feel you have written a very good post. I have a photographer friend who makes is looking to get himself a very great drone to add to his equipments. I’m sure he’ll be glad to see this post and buy one of this drones. Thanks for giving your best list of four beat drones for beginners. Great list.

  2. Aly says:

    This is great targeted information for those looking to step their photography game up with a drone and get the unique angles that aren’t possible from the ground. I see these used in real estate a lot and people really enjoy getting a current bird’s eye view (google maps is pretty good for that too, but the photos can be outdated by years). I appreciate that you’ve pointed out where a beginner should consider starting… it’s great for a pro to have lots of bells and whistles but they can be overwhelming for someone who is just gettting started!

    • Trevor M says:

      Yes, drones can be a little hairy if you don’t have any experience. A good beginner model is great for first time fliers.

  3. RoDarrick says:

    Thanks for taking your time to write this great post about drones for beginners. My son is a tech freak and he is very obsessed with drones. I have tried to get him toys but he insisted on getting a real one but I was scared concerning the hazards associated with drones and the blades but reading through this post, I see that there are some drones specifically made for beginners just like him and if all caution are put into place, then it is perfectly safe. I like the Altair AA108 the most out of the ones listed above. 

    • Trevor M says:

      Yes drones may be a little hard to fly at first but once you get the hang of it and you get a little experience after flying a beginner model. Your son can most definitely move up to a more advanced version. But yes the Altair AA108 is a perfect beginners model.

  4. Twack Romero says:

    This is a ‘must read’ article. I have tried a few times to get a handle on the best types of drones for beginners. There’s plenty of articles about drones and some even give a good review of the individual drones. It’s good to have a comparison with a shortlist. As a ‘newbie’ the more options there are, the harder it gets. I have to say, out of the four, I was most impressed with the Force1 U818A and the Altair AA108. I love the idea of virtual reality goggles. I was staggered at how reasonable the prices were. After watching the video, I’d have to go with the Force1, you get a lot for your money.

    • Trevor M says:

      The Force1 is especially good for beginners. For first time flyers they want to get a beginner model and work their way up. The Force1 with it’s virtual reality googles is awesome and makes for a lot of fun.

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