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With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, we are finding drones and accessories for crazy unbeatable prices.

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Is the Drone X Pro a scam? If you’re reading this than that’s exactly what you might think. I’m here to tell you this just isn’t true with this being my personal experience when buying The Drone X Pro. I run and write of my […]
Filmmakers seek to find the best ways to create unforgettable footage. Sometimes the only way to get the right shot is from above. How can someone get steady, reliable, and impressive footage from above? What’s the first thing you think of? I have put forth two […]
The impressive and versatile Inspire 2 along with it’s image quality, power and intelligence all molded to form this masterpiece, for professional filmmakers and businesses alike. So what is The DJI Inspire 2? Simply put The DJI Inspire 2 is for the professional filmmakers. As DJI […]

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Being a professional photographer I needed to reach new heights. Dronefied has helped me to this and reach my full potential.

Samantha Ross

Hiking is a great passion of mine and I have always looked for ways to capture my special moments. Dronefied has helped.

Micheal Freemont

Wanting to create unforgettable moments with my family. Dronefied has given me the resources I needed.

Eliza Matheson

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Virtual Reality Googles

Fly your drone FPV and get your head into the action.

Flight Intelligent Batteries

Never overcharge or damage batteries ever again. 

HardShell Backpacks

Keep your drone safe and protected at all times.

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